Demetrius Madrigal

Oct 3, 2013

Demetrius gets excited about enriching people’s lives with amazing products. He performed research in the University setting as well as NASA Ames Research Center before co-founding Metric Lab with long-time collaborator, Bryan U. McClain. With a background in experimental psychology and more than 9 years of experience in User Experience and Human Factors, Demetrius specializes in establishing a deep understanding of user needs and developing strategies to address them.

Demetrius has authored dozens of articles on research and design as a columnist for UXmatters and, like Bryan, was featured in Bloomberg Businessweek and INC. magazine. At Metric Lab, Demetrius enjoys innovating with powerful research methods and designing complex systems on exciting projects with companies like GoPro, Google, and Microsoft. During that time, Demetrius has developed numerous personas, user scenarios, and product concepts in order to assist Metric Lab’s clients and partners.