METRICLAB | Relentless research and innovation

Relentless research and innovation

Metric Lab delivers vital insights that drive intelligent product decisions through an obsessive focus on the customer.

We Identify Market Opportunities

Disruptive innovation solves problems that millions of people encounter on a regular basis. Metric Lab combines UX and market research strategies to deeply understand market segments, identify problems and needs, and isolate marketing and sales channels to assist with product placement.

We deliver Data that tells a Story

Raw data is confusing, ambiguous, and unhelpful. For data to tell its story, it has to be collected with a structured methodology and analyzed and interpreted with discipline. Metric Lab specializes in interpreting that data, uncovering the story, and transmitting knowledge to product teams in order to help them optimize their design and development decisions.

We identify behavioral trends

Our insights are focused on people, their stories, and deeply understanding how they live. We study human behavior, analyze markets and identify behavioral trends.