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The Myth of the One-Way Mirror

Since the early 1970s, professions such as user experience, market research, advertising, and law enforcement have been using rooms that have one-way mirrors—like the one shown in Figure 1—to enable direct observation of research participants—and suspects.

This Is Not Just a Test—It’s Primetime

When engaging in any form of product usability test, there are certain very important guidelines to keep in mind. One guideline that user researchers commonly overlook is testing with a version or mockup that is free of glitches, bugs, or known errors.

How Zelda Paved the Way for Zynga

Many of us remember playing Atari and Nintendo games growing up. If you asked any thirty-something about what it was like to grow up as the video-game industry evolved, you would probably

The Future of User Interaction

We think it’s appropriate to kick off the new year with an examination of what the future holds for user experience and product development.

Barriers to Adoption and How to Uncover Them

Adoption is key to the success of products and services. When clients come to us to evaluate a concept, prototype, or completed product, the evaluation really boils down to one fundamental question: Will people use it?

Inspiration Beyond the Lab

Over the last ten years, both of us have read countless articles about innovation, entrepreneurship, and socially responsible ventures that change the world.