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Research Logistics: A Crash Course for Designers and Stakeholders

With more companies today putting a stronger emphasis on gaining a deeper understanding of their customer, it’s not unusual for us to be called in for a project to find that our clients don’t have a lot of experience with research and don’t know what to expect.

What designers and researchers can learn from hostage negotiators

_It’s 2 a.m., and a call comes across the radio that a young man with a gun has barricaded himself and his mother in his home. No shots have been fired, and little communication has been established between the man and police officers outside.

Designing with Community in Mind

A few days ago Foster City (located in Silicon Valley) opened its new synthetic soccer field after six months of hard work. It’s one of the most beautiful soccer fields I have ever seen.

Safeway’s New Brand “The Market”

Safeway is tackling the urban grocery market with their new brand “The Market.” With fresh produce, a broad wine selection, a butcher shop and all the other accoutrements one would expect from a suburban supermarket, packaged in a compact style reminiscent of an urban corner market.

Designing for Prevention

I was in San Francisco yesterday and I noticed some spike railing on a street level window sill.At first, I thought it was installed to prevent birds from landing on it but after talking with a few people, it was installed to stop skateboarders from using it for tricks. Now, I understand why they did it but at the same time they just removed a nice seat to relax and enjoy the view on.

The Time and Place for Focus Groups

Focus groups have traditionally been given a bit of a bad rap, and deservedly so. Starting off as a form of market research, focus groups have been used extensively to reach inappropriate conclusions regarding market segments by attempting to identify needs, preferences, and guide strategy.

Designing with People in Mind

I was out for walk during lunch in downtown SJ and I was happy to see families enjoying the water fountain area setup for their enjoyment on these hot afternoons. It makes me wonder when more cities will design for the people and not just for aesthetics. Thoughts? Mobile post by: Bryan McClain

World’s Largest Laptop

I saw this huge laptop in SF last week and it got me thinking. We are always trying to build smaller devices, what about larger devices?

How To Observe the User and Tap Into the Experience

Imagine if a person could know almost everything about you by simply looking at you. He could tell your profession by looking at your hands and wrists. He could tell where you were from by your dress and speech. He could tell what you like to eat and drink from your teeth and lips. With little effort he could know your deepest secrets and know you better than your best friend. These are the attributes of Sherlock Holmes, a fictional private detective from turn of the century literature. Holmes may at times have seemed like a super hero with a near omniscient power of the criminals he chased, but his abilities were based on real skills that are honed by real-life detectives every day.