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Our insights are focused on people, their stories, and deeply understanding how they live. We study human behavior, analyze markets and identify behavioral trends.

Metric Lab worked with Google on a wide variety of products and efforts, both enterprise and consumer, including the development and launch of the Google Pay consolidated payment platform. Metric Lab worked closely with Google’s payment team to identify user information needs, mental models, and other factors that influence adoption in a payment platform in order to successfully evolve their online payment and tap-to-pay solutions to the next level.

Metric Lab partnered with various teams at Amazon to explore different use cases for the Amazon Alexa voice assistant platform. This work included deep ethnographic need-finding in different geographic regions of the United States to identify or verify emerging use cases as well as the hardware form-factors that worked best for Amazon customers and current and future Alexa users.

Metric Lab has worked with Microsoft on numerous game changing products throughout the years, including a deep dive into software development processes and needs. Metric Lab was able to combine in-depth interviews, ethnography, and focus groups with highly technical populations to deeply understand the coding process and DevOps needs in order to help create developer personas as well as refine the Visual Studio Team Services SaaS offering.

Metric Lab partnered with Samsung in order to explore new and exciting innovations in smart and adaptable display technologies. Working closely with thought leaders at Samsung Research America, Metric Lab was able to employ advanced mixed-methodology research approaches that combined qualitative interviews and ethnographic research with quantitative data collection in order to evaluate, test, develop, and refine a series of new display experiences that were years ahead of their time.